a proven care model

breakthrough technology

a revolutionary healthcare solution

If this were a pill, you’d do anything to get it.
—Ezra Klein. The Washington Post, April 29, 2013
SPERO® is a care system and technology
platform built on a proven approach
that anticipates patient needs, improves
health outcomes and reduces costs
among vulnerable populations.
Our unique combination of policies
and procedures, staff and patient
education, individualized care
processes, decision support, and data
analytics and reporting, in conjunction
with our ongoing support and expertise
helps you convert your critical
challenges into patient success stories
and financial advantage.

We work by your side. We honor your service.

And we make your mission possible.


a history of success

SPERO® is built on the proven approach developed by Health Quality Partners, the result of a decade long history of success in the design, testing, and dissemination of models of care that improve the health of vulnerable populations. Read more about these impressive statistics.

25%fewer deaths
37%fewer ER visits
39%fewer hospital stays
28%lower net costs

from our patients

“At the time of starting the program I was within 2-3 weeks of having a stroke because of my blood pressure. The care I received probably saved my life.” . . . “My nurse helped me to understand how to stay healthy and take better care of myself. I think I am better because of her. I pay more attention to my prescriptions. I pay more attention to my food and exercise. She keeps track of my doctor appointments. And I have a better attitude about my health. This is a great service. If I’m healthier, I’m not costing so much — right?” . . . “This service has been excellent in every way and I credit the program with my better health and is preventing problems by proactive care. Thank you for this service.”
HQP patients

from Health Affairs

“The demonstration program with the largest effects, at Health Quality Partners, was very data-driven, tracking care coordinators’ performance and continually assessing the effectiveness of newly introduced interventions component and refinements to existing ones …”
Randall S. Brown, Deborah Peikes, Greg Peterson, Jennifer Schore, and Carol M. Razafindrakoto. Six Features Of Medicare Coordinated Care Demonstration Programs That Cut Hospital Admissions Of High-Risk Patients. Health Affairs. June 2012.

from The Washington Post

“Health Quality Partners’ results have been extraordinary. According to an independent analysis by the consulting firm Mathematica, HQP has reduced hospitalizations by 33 percent and cut Medicare costs by 22 percent. I asked a half-dozen seniors what difference Health Quality Partners made in their lives. Every one of them began the same way: They could ask their nurse questions, they said with evident relief. They could get help understanding and navigating their doctor’s orders. They didn’t feel like they were being a burden if they needed to ask one or more thing, or have their medications explained to them again.”
Ezra Klein. If this were a pill, you’d do anything to get it. The Washington Post. April 29, 2013

from The Commonwealth Fund

“Health Quality Partners (HQP):
  • Decreased admissions among higher-risk subgroups by 25%–39%; decreased same-hospital 30-day readmissions by 26% among higher-risk subgroups.
  • Decreased ED visits for higher-risk patients by 37% in high-risk subgroups.
  • Decreased net expenditures among higher-risk subgroups by 10%–28%; decreased skilled nursing facility costs by 64%.
  • Mortality among intervention participants was 9.9% vs. 12.9% in controls (over 4.2 years)—a 25% lower relative risk of death.”
Clemens S. Hong, Allison L. Siegel, and Timothy G. Ferris. Caring for High-Need, High-Cost Patients: What Makes for a Successful Care Management Program? The Commonwealth Fund. Issue Brief. August 2014.

from the New England Journal of Medicine

“Government or private organizations can convene regional entities and create an organizational home for shared CCM resources. Real-world examples include Vermont’s Blueprint for Health and Health Quality Partners in Pennsylvania.”

Clemens S. Hong, M.D., M.P.H., Melinda K. Abrams, M.S., and Timothy G. Ferris, M.D., M.P.H. Toward Increased Adoption of Complex Care Management. New England Journal of Medicine. August 7, 2014.

integrated system

Design and
Policies and
Staff Education
Patient Education
Data Management
and Decision
Analytics and
Research and

SPERO® delivers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to guide
the implementation and management of effective care models.

Research and Development

SPERO® builds upon the proven
success of Health Quality
Partners. Since its inception in
2001, Health Quality Partners has
been dedicated to the applied
research and development of new
models of care, designing, testing,
implementing, and refining
innovations that improve the health
and quality of life for vulnerable

Analytics and Reporting

SPERO® brings a sophisticated
advanced data analysis and
reporting capability, designed to
monitor and manage patient care,
team performance and program
outcomes. Statistical process
control methods are utilized to
assess, control and improve on
unnecessary variation. The
Analytic and Reporting Module
of SPERO® is an essential tool for
ensuring implementation fidelity
and informing designs for
continuous improvement.

Data Management and Decision Support

The SPERO® Care Data Module uses tools unique to SPERO that support the team’s clinical workflow and documentation needs. These tools are used to: capture data from patient referrals; support the processes for establishing program eligibility; manage outreach and consent; conduct risk assessments,
initial assessments, screenings and structured encounters; provide education and care plans; manage medication lists; and monitor clinical measures. They also incorporate decision support alerts, tasks, and reminders which prompt reliable execution and team function.

Patient Education

SPERO® provides a robust library
of patient education materials in
various formats, for nurses to use
to engage and educate patients
and caregivers to promote health
literacy. Materials have been
developed by HQP, selected from
leading government resources and
from nationally recognized clinical
experts in their respective areas of

Staff Education

Staff Education courses contain
the knowledge base and skill
development activities for nurses
who are learning the unique new
role of Nurse Care Manager. An
integrated learning management
system incorporates elements of
self-learning, facilitated discussion,
guided practice and exercises to
achieve competence for
independent practice.

Policies and Procedures

Policies, procedures and protocols,
available through a robust and
accessible document management
system, provide standards to
guide teams in delivering care
with fidelity.

Design and Implementation

HQP’s Senior Leadership Team
will provide advice and technical
assistance to help you design or
adapt a care model relevant for
your patient population that will
incorporate best-in-class, evidence
based interventions to improve
patient health outcomes.

breakthrough technology
forged by experience


In the field and in your office, SPERO® delivers all the tools you need to
manage population health through a single technology platform.

  • The proprietary SPERO® technology platform advances your triple aim: positive health outcomes, lower costs and improved patient experiences for vulnerable populations.
  • Access to SPERO® is always available through a mobile device, a laptop or a desktop computer, using a secure single sign-on.
  • Field-based teams have constant access to all the tools they need at the point of care delivery.
  • Implementation support is available through HQP’s Senior Leadership Team.

about us

Spero is the result of more than a decade of applied research and
development conducted by Health Quality Partners aimed at improving
health outcomes through healthcare delivery redesign. The Spero care
model utilizes a tightly integrated set of services delivered by nurse
care managers working in close collaboration with patients and their
families, primary care and specialist medical providers, hospitals, and
community resources. Spero is community-based and is capable of
working with a broad contingent of healthcare providers and health
plans across diverse geographies.

We work by your side. We honor your service.
And we make your mission possible.

core values

We offer hope for vulnerable populations and for the healthcare industry.
We engender enthusiasm for providing patient-centered care.
We have developed a unique set of tools perfectly suited to today’s,
and tomorrow’s, healthcare environment.
We take on our clients’ concerns as our own.
Our wholistic care model is based in respect for the patient.
We generate unbiased data for our metrics and analytic systems.

senior leadership team

Our Senior Leadership Team is ready to assist and advise you in
adapting, customizing, and implementing Spero for your needs.

Kenneth D. Coburn<br />
Kenneth D. Coburn
Sherry A. Marcantonio<br />
Sherry A. Marcantonio
Maryellen Keller<br />
Maryellen Keller
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